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Cody, Zuri and Dixon

These two were best buddies from the first day Zuri stepped in the door. Cody has always lived with older dogs and very rarely did they want to play chase or tug with him, so as you can imagine he was over the moon when he figured out that little Zuri was a non-stop play machine! If these two are awake, they are either face wrestling, tugging or playing chase. Cody is a very self assured and calm dog and that is just what Zuri needed to help overcome her insecurities. She looks to Cody if something frightens her and he is always willing to help. She has also learned a lot by watching Cody during his practice runs for Agility and she is becoming quite the agility star herself!

Cody came to me via some neighborhood boy that could no longer keep him so he brought him to the 'dog lady'. At the time my Australian Shepherd Casey was fifteen going on sixteen and required most of my attention. When Casey passed I was so happy to still have Indy (now fourteen) and little Cody. He was very high energy so in 2010 I decided to try him in Agility. He quickly caught on and to date we have earned twenty six titles.  In 2018 we finally earned our NATCH (Agility Championship title) and Cody retired from Agility. To say he is my baby would be an understatement, he goes where ever I go and he is never far from my side when we are home. He is a charmer, totally silly, a complete cold weather weenie, hates being wet, hates walking where other dogs have gone potty he sounds like a water faucet dripping when he is dreaming and he has about a hundred different facial expressions to let me know exactly what he wants. I love this boy!

Zuri is go, go, go all the time! She is super fast and she loves to hunt lizards. She wouldn't let me touch her face, trim her nails, brush her or give her a bath when I first brought her home. With lots of TLC, lots of clicker training and lots of touch games she has overcome most of her fears. She is super smart and picks up on tricks after seeing them only a few times. I have had Zuri for just about 5 years now and she has earned multiple Agility titles in AKC and NADAC, earned her Rally Master title at the Royal Canin show in December 2018.  In 2019 she earned her RATCHX2 (Barn Hunt Championship) is fine style! She is also a trick dog Champion with DMWYD and this past month finished her CAA (advanced title) in Lure Coursing and her BCAT in FAST CAT. Look for this girl in Nose Work soon!  She is still extremely naughty and loves to steal things off your plate but she is super sweet and a total whiz kid!

Dixon, a Chihuahua mix came to me by way of Florida Little Dog Rescue at about 16 weeks of age. This is my first very small dog. Dixon has been an absolute blessing, he is so willing to learn new things and is excelling at Agility and Barn Hunt and Rally. He has currently earned his RATN in Barn Hunt, his Rally Advanced title (all with placements) and won best Intro dog In NADAC this past 2017 winter series, as well as a High In Trail. He is also a wiz at Trick training, earning his TKP (Performer) title in no time. Love this little guy!! He is also proving himself to be a rockstar at Nose Work and we have almost earned our Novice title, just 2 more elements to go!

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