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Casey 15 years

Cody 5 months.

This picture was taken about 3 months before Casey was gone.

The following pictures are of my Casey.


People often speak of having a "once in a lifetime" dog but I think few get to expericence really having one. Casey was my once in a lifetime. The word special does not even come close to describing this wonderful soul. I was so blessed to have him in my life for almost 16 years.


I bought Casey from a breeder in 1991, I had seen his mother "Treasure" training at the training center where I worked and fell in love with her. When I learned she had been bred to a top twenty dog in Texas I was over the moon. Treasure only had three puppies and I was blessed to be chosen to get one. It was love at first sight, I knew he was special. He quickly became a star pupil and we began showing in Obedience when he was less than a year. By the time Casey was eight and forced to retire due to a back injury, we had earned a UD title in both WWKC and ASCA and a CDX title in AKC, a couple of Agility titles, CGC, HIC test, and two High In Trial honors. We only needed one more leg to finish our UD in AKC but it was not meant to be.


Casey excelled at many performance events but his true calling was to comfort people that needed love. We often visited nursing homes and childerns hospitals and he was always a perfect gentleman. People loved him. People would hug him so tight it was hard for him to breathe, but he didn't care he never moved a muscle because he knew that somehow that person just needed to squeeze him.


Casey was my constant compainion, side kick and guardian for fifteen years, nine months and fifteen days. He decided to go to The Bridge in 2006.

Baby Casey
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