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       Day Care                                      Group Classes

Go to work guilt free knowing your pet will have a fun day interacting with other dogs in a safe environment.  All dogs coming to stay will learn how to behave in a crate, go in and out the doors politely and work on basic manners. Dogs of similar size and energy levels will go out to play together in small groups.
Day care $25.00 per day.
If medications are required, additional $5.00
Mini Obedience or Agility lessons during day care stay.

If you like, I can incorporate short Obedience, Agility or Nose Work lessons during your dogs stay with me for the day. For an Obedience lesson we will practice walking without pulling, sit, down, stay, leave it and politely greeting strange people and other dogs.

For an Agility lesson, dogs will be safely introduced to all of the Agility equipment. Puppies that are too young to jump or use the bigger equipment will learn foundation skills using hoops, tunnels, barrels and perches. I also have rehab equipment including yoga balls, wobble boards, Bosu ball, balance disks and balance pods. These are all great for building confidence in dogs.

Daycare stay plus private lesson $40.00 per day

Day Care dogs MUST be approved first, dogs that do not get along with the other dogs will not be invited to stay, if at any time I believe your dog is putting another dog in danger you will be notified to come and pick them up. No refunds.







Puppy Class

Learn to walk on a leash without pulling, sit, down, stay, leave it and come. In depth conversations and help with potty training, crate training, travel with pet, grooming, chewing, dental care, nutrition

6 weeks $150

Basic Obedience
Enjoy an Obedience class that incorportes exercises from Agility and Rally as well as formal Obedience. We will cover walking on a loose leash without pulling, sit, down, stay, leave it, watch me, stand, and come. Confidence building exercises utilizing the Agility equipment including tunnels, chutes, dog walk, jumps, and table. We will also learn other fun games that you can use in everyday life.  Learn how to better communicate with your dog.  Come and have FUN while you train your dog!
6 weeks $150

Agility Just For Fun

Learn the basics of this fast fun sport. All equipment will be covered. Learn the basics of footwork to get you and your team mate through the course as fast as you can!

6 weeks small group class $150

4 private lessons $150

5 semi-private (2 people sharing lesson) $150

Come learn all the crazy heeling patterns, twists and turns that make up a Rally course. Everyone has fun doing Rally, come learn from the ground up! Introduction to the new Masters Rally signs is also now available.
6 weeks $150


Nose Work

Your dog's strongest sense is their smell. Learn the basics of this quickly growing sport. Great for young dogs and old dogs alike.

Private lessons only or bi-monthly seminars. Check Facebook schedule for updates.




All group classes are subject to weather, please check my FB page day of class for updates or cancellations. All group classes are one hour a week for six weeks.  Dogs of all ages are welcome. Aggressive dogs and Wolf Hybrids will require a prior assessment before coming to class.

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