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Welcome to Castle Keep

 Training your dog should be fun for both you and your dog.  My innovative group classes combine exercises from traditional Obedience, Rally and Agility.  My approach to dog training is to keep your dog moving and keep his mind stimulated all while building confidence in both you and your dog. Everyone is welcome,  kids, families and dogs of all ages. 




NATCH Shameless Kid Cody ITD, EAC, EAJ, ECC, E-TN, TG-O,  CGCA, NF, RI, RATO, T2B, MXJ, MX.

TDCH RATCHX2 Shameless Poc-Ket of Petunia's CGC, BN, CD, EAC, EJC, ECC, TG-E, CGC, AX, OAJ, CAA, BCAT, CZ8B, RATI, RM, OA, OAJ, TKP

Shameless Wee Winged Archer RI, RATN, TKP, SCN, SEN, S-IAC, IJC, TG-I, O-TN-I, HP-I, XBR-I

Professional member of I.A.C.P., AKC certified STAR Puppy, CGC, CGCA and Trick Dog evaluator. I have earned titles in  Agility, Rally Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing and mulitple titles in advanced Obedience. I am also experienced in trick training, training dogs to do Therapy work and training dogs to be service animals. References gladly given!

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